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Look Yummy like Gwyneth Paltrow

The Academy Award winning actress features exotic recipes that can help to shed the extra kilos, feel more energetic, and look ‘yummy’. A sneak peek into why you should like or dislike It’s All Good.

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Good is a rage not just in the Hollywood circuit but all across. Reasons could be many. Some laid their hands on the book for their indubitable love for the actress, some bought it to gain her svelte figure, some bought it because others were buying, and some bought it simply to hate it! So if you haven’t read it already, let us enlist for you some good and some not-so-good facts about this cookbook.

–          Eat Right, Eat Yummy – The book’s all about healthy fats, protein packed diet, green veggies, and gluten free delicacies.

–          Regular recipes made Interesting – And some may not even be recipes! They are just an improved version of your everyday food. Love good fried egg? Try spicing it up with some garlic-sauteed spinach, topped on sprouted grain, gluten-free bread, and smeared with a bit of Vegenaise.

–          Guilt-free delicacies – You get to savor creamy, tangy, and rich risotto sans any cheese or guilt! Call it, vegan.

–          Live healthy – With rare health tips sprinkled all over, this one’s certainly a healthy pick. Did you know that soaking almonds in water for half a day make them easier to digest and absorb the great benefits into your system? There’s  lots more you get to explore as you leaf through the cookbook.

–          Must-have for gluten-allergy – If you’re avoiding gluten or are allergic to it, brown rice pasta can be a great alternative. Pair it with a light sauce and the result is a gorgeous entrée that seems incredibly decadent.

And here are reasons why you may not like it much:

–          Diet for the over-privileged – There’d be many times during reading the book that you tend to wonder if it’s only meant for people born into wealth? Like Yahoo had gleefully pointed out that to eat as Paltrow, would mean doling out cost $300 (about £200) a day.

–          Is it food-phobic? – This cookbook at times seems to be characterized by a complete fear of food. After all, the book was born after Paltrow’s doctor had declared that she was allergic to almost everything available on earth. So, be wary of peppers, corn and aubergine. And trust quinoa as your savior, coupled with some pomegranate on special occasions.

–          Hard to find ingredients – Many, like duck eggs, gluten-free flour, and Vegenaise, if not most ingredients, might be hard to find in your local food market.

–          Why avoid gluten – This book’s certainly not for you if gluten-free bandwagon or the new fad diet turns you off. Maybe the celebrated actress felt that if she needed to follow this medically-ambiguous ‘elimination’ diet, then so did everyone else in the world.

–          No conversion chart – It gets difficult to weigh ingredients: a three to four pound chicken, or a 14-ounce can of beans, with no metric alternative. Plus, oven temperature is only given in fahrenheit.

Gwyneth Paltrow It's All Good–          Too American – Read spring onions for scallions, coriander for cilantro, and likewise. GP seems to have particularly written it for an American market. And virtually no effort whatsoever has been put into presenting the book to readers from other side of the planet.

All said and done, you’d certainly love Gwyneth Paltrow for donning the hat of a busy working mum who understands the time pressures on all of us as well as the desire to cook delicious and original food. Inspired by precious memories of cooking with her father, it is a truly personal book that celebrates cooking with – and for – the ones you love.

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