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The Perfect Brew – SIDAPUR

Sidapur Coffee is a pure delight to behold as it settles into the cup and works magic as it revives your spirit with every sip, reviews S Alex.
6-SADIPUR COFFEEAuthor Cassandra Clare has so rightly cited in City of Ashes – “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”Not much, indeed, Cassandra! A good cuppa bestows a sensory pleasure that’s more intense than its many inebriating counterparts.With an impressive array of premium quality coffees, ranging from the classic pure filter coffee to specialized expresso blends, Sidapur Coffee has a stirring charm that not many manage to render to ardent buffs. Tastefully handpicked and blended by the best cup tasters in India, to highlight the flavorsome intrinsic notes latent in every bean, Sidapur lends a novel experience in fine taste to coffee connoisseurs worldwide.
Espresso Bold
Roasted & Blended Coffee Beans

Sidapur’s Espresso Bold proffers a chiseled blend of elite Arabicas with a silky dash of the best Robustas, cherry-picked from the classic lineage of the 100-year-old family estates from the House of Ramapuram in Coorg and adjoining plantations in Karnataka, India. With every sip, experience a snugly layered, utterly pleasing fusion of lavender-like flowers, roasted cacao nib and a sensual hint of chocolate that carts the coffee relish with clarity and consistency from aroma through finish. Roasted and blended to perfection, this brew renders a rich, deeply nuanced acidity with light syrupy mouthfeel. Intense yet delicate; lush yet graceful. 1-cold coffee

First Sip: sweet, complex, extravagant; night-blooming flowers; musk in aroma and cup; chocolate carries into a resonant finish.

Specially meant for: Lovers of grand sensory flavors. It’s Cirque du Soleil in your cuppa!


  • Aroma – 9/10
  • Acidity –8/10
  • Body – 9/10
  • Flavor – 9/10
  • Aftertaste – 8/10
 Pure Filter Coffee
Roasted & Ground Coffee

Grown lusciously under the shades of generous rose wood, wild fig and jack fruit trees, this is South Indian filter coffee at its best! Unveil an aromatic cuppa of sweetly pungent, penetrating, and quietly distinctive flavor. You’d love it for its plushly soft acidity. The flavor consolidates in a crisp, sweet-toned caramel finish. And you may sense a soft touch of hazelnut. 2-Filter Coffee

First Sip: Crisply sweet, gentle, balanced; caramel, cedar, hazelnut in aroma and cup.

Specially meant for: Those who have a taste for authentic South Indian filter coffee, lace with soft but lively acidity and impressive complexity.


  • Aroma – 9/10
  • Acidity – 8/10
  • Body – 8/10
  • Flavor – 9/10
  • Aftertaste – 9/10

Named after the closest town to Orange County Coorg, where the coffee is grown in the resort’s Chikanahully estate, Sidapur is worth a sip! If not yet, you are all likely to become a coffee connoisseur soon after. It’s all in the cuppa!

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