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Creamy Delight

Movenpick, a Zurich based-Swiss hotelier owned brand opens its first Ice Cream boutique in Select Citiwalk Mall in New Delhi.

Movenpick India - Mint ChocolateWe couldn’t wait to get our tastebuds to try all the new delicacies Movenpick – an amazing boutique – had to offer. We arrive at the mall after an early (and light) dinner at a friend’s place, and oh boy did we get incredibly lucky to be able to take this trip to this dessert heaven!

Located right next to the escalators on the second floor, this small charming cafe with really pleasant staff was very easy to locate. We just dazed and drooled at all the ice cream we had to taste as we got welcomed with warm greetings.

Movenpick India - Mango SorbetHere’s a tip when you go out ice cream tasting – you’ll love them all, equally! When we go to any ice cream station, we only pick few ice creams we’ve held onto all life. But not this time, this was an all-you-can-eat-grand-ice-cream-carnival!

So to cut the very long story short, we should start with what we loved the most, with of course some partial opinions due to each of our life long flavor preferences. Vanilaaaahhhh! If you love your vanilla flavor in ice creams, you ought to give the Swiss a chance to prove their potential. The best seller and also one of our most favorite, swiss chocolate has the strong and nuanced taste of dark chocolate and is not recommended to the (light hearted) milk chocolate lovers. Image 225The caramel has a rich and dense creaminess to it, on top of an already very solid base. It’s a treat for any caramel flavor lover. We even tried the mint chocolate flavor, which you can totally pass unless you’re a creature from that part of the world where they worship mint and chocolate together in a bowl. Fruit flavors – okay, they’ve got them all right, just how you like your fruit flavored ice creams. Our favorites were strawberry, raspberry, banana and mango.

Movenpick India - Swiss ChocolateIn addition to making great authentic ice-cream, Movenpick also makes waffles and pancakes. But unfortunately, we couldn’t try the latter due of unavailability.

I have never been a big fan of menus with pictures of food items, but menus with pictures of desserts, bring them on! What’s even better is that what you’ll see in beautiful product shots on the Movenpick’s menu, is exactly what you’ll get on your plate. As we sat on the round cozy table, we picked few of the most intriguing and tempting looking offerings from the menu. The Raspberry and Strawberry Smoothie was just, if we may, sex in our mouths. Movenpick India - Blackcurrant & CreamAnother highlight of the menu, a modern rendition of the traditional soda and ice cream combination- called the Full Moon Soda Float, is a must try for any classic cola with vanilla lover. They also serve fresh coffee and ice cream shakes which you may give a pass for the love of ice cream!

In all, it was a refreshing way to end the day. Wonder how it would be to start your day with it! So, next time you go to to Select Citiwalk for a shopping spree, make sure you energize yourself with Movenpick!

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