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Grab a Singaporean Bite at Harry’s


A great bar, lovely cuisines, three LCDs, one big projector and a chilled out ambiance all in one place!

Situated in the hot restro lane in Select Citywalk, Saket, Harry’s is hard to miss. Filled with a relaxed vibe, it gives your Friday mood an instant turn on. And what gives it a second push, is their refreshing bar menu & food menu. Short and sweet, each one makes it very easy to decide the course of night.

A glimpse
 of their new menuIn love with their Eye Candy
It’s the best drink on the menu to kick start your night. With just the right amount of Vodka and fresh watermelon juice, it will keep you going on & on, repeat after repeat. The refreshing, subtle and balanced sweetness will fill you up with guilt-free fun. The Sangriya Red was nicely topped with chopped apples and was a well blend of tangy + sweet (tad high) + sour. The Dirty Harry, on the other hand, was a contradiction to the name. Too sweet to be called a cocktail, it surely is a wish-come-true for lychee-lovers.

Harry’s is planning a menu remodeling from which they premiered an exciting concoction – flamed potatoes. These were basically honey chilly baby potatoes topped with a fire shot of white rum, leaving the flame on the platter. Whether you have the heart to gulp in a fire shot or not, this dish is a must try!

A taste of the exotic cuisine
The bbq pickled chicken is the most common dish on any menu, but man, they nailed it! It was R.E.A.L.L.Y. soft with just the right spices. You can explore all the layers, in each piece, with all the juices intact. You wouldn’t even feel the need of any condiments. It was only when we were about to lick-finish the plate, we realized they we hadn’t even touched the green chutney. Order this alone and you won’t even care about the main course. It’s a complete meal platter in itself. But hey, that doesn’t apply on us. ;)

Their pudhina paneer tikka, garnished with green mint sauce, was simply delicious. Fish n’ chips were a little unusual but yummy! While some may not like the additional tangy spice sprinkle, other might actually relish it. The soft flesh underneath the crispy skin is to die for! We savored it along with our second round of drinks that included the Eye Candy (of course), Sula Merlot Malbec and Sula Cabernet Shiraz. 

We also tasted their mini burgerstawa kurchan and double fried noodles which you may give a pass considering the much better options listed above.

A sweet end
They say ‘It’s never over until you’ve had the dessert’. So, we ordered the Gooey Chocolate Moose and the Drunken Banana Split. The later was the one that surrendered to our spoons. Generous scoops of vanilla, chocolate and mango placed between the banana split gave this tasting a happy end.

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