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ORANGE COUNTY KABINI: Rendezvous with Nature

Abounded by lush, carbon-offsetting forests, scenic riverside, majestic mountains, thrilling wildlife, charming tribal life, and wonderful organic food, Orange County Kabini is tailor-made for nature lovers, adventurers, romantic couples, and indubitably not worth a miss for food lovers.

It’s less about the destination and more about the journey in itself that fascinates the ardent traveler in me. Hence, a property must have something really unique to offer so as to warrant any adoration from me. No wonder not every nature resort is so placating and cheering as Orange County Kabini –  a luxurious 5 star nature resort located at Bheeramballi Village, Mysore District.

The ultimate nature retreat

Orange County Kabini is an unspoiled nature haven with the entire place encapsulated with a cover of green, studded with white sandy shores, serene water and one of the finest hotel services you will ever find.

The green setting, the imperious backdrop, trips into the mountain valleys and canoeing make it an awesome weekend trip. From the pleasing early morning boat safaris and cycling trips around the river shore and countryside to driving into the tiger heartland of Nagarhole National Park, delightful night trails that introduce you to the wonderful little butterflies, moths, reptiles, frogs and other little creatures abounding the resort, the heartwarming bird watching and the exciting coracle and bullock cart ride, this place has countless ways of making you one with nature. And if luck be by your side, you might catch a glimpse of a tiger, wild elephants, leopards and a variety of other interesting animals and charming birds. With ecology at heart afore economy this trip does teach you how to co-exist with nature.

Living @Orange County, Kabini

The resort is beautifully snuggled in the labyrinth of peace, tranquility and warmth all around. Inspired in design by the Hadis or tribal nearby villages, it’s enticing to see how every speck and corner of this nature retreat is submerged in the hues and tones of nature. Pleasantly enough, you won’t find plastic anywhere in this nature refuge! Right from the welcome area, stretching to the dining hall, ayurvedic village, the organic shop, and the vivid infinity pool, the resort is as organic and as picturesque as you’d ever have craved for. It’s a must to watch the glorious sunsets viewed from the Reading Lounge while sipping the refreshingly frothy cappuccino served there. And enliven your spirits with the deluxe spa treatments at the Ayurvedic centre.

At Kabini, they do manage to bring nature into your room. The thematically carved Jacuzzi huts render a rustic feel with a regal touch. Their organic interiors, ethnic yet snug beds, sofas and chests, spacious and suitably furnished bathrooms, plush living rooms and soothing bedrooms enable these huts to bestow a royal experience to its guests. The open-to-air jacuzzi pool is a major highlight of the huts. There are also Pool Huts for those who covet a personal swimming arena.

The most cheering aspect of this resort is the overwhelming hospitality of the staff here. The ever-smiling staff members (all of whom would know your name and room number) would greet you as you walk around, and would be keen to strike a conversation with you and listen to your great safari sagas. Wonderful staff must say. Ankita, Arjun, Girish, Shruthi, Anand, and everyone else – a warm hug to all of you!

Culinary ecstasy

This cozy stay in the lap of nature is perfected by its great wines and wonderful gourmet offerings – full of local flavors as well as exotic delicacies. The best part of the food here is that it’s loaded with moist juices and authentic savors. Surprisingly, even a glass of sweet lime or pineapple hasn’t tasted so succulent as it would at the resort.

Wonderfully managed by Chef Sanjay, Kabini meals are a grand fanfare of culinary delights. You name it, they serve it! Apple broccoli soup, corn jalapeno soup, pasta carbonara, sage roast chicken and grilled cottage cheese with bbq sauce, and gratifying sizzlers do offer quite a contrast to the organic offerings of the land – koli saru, handi mamsa hurididuin (non-veg) and kalu kurma, majjige saru (veg), to name a few. Haagalakai, the Indian bitter gourd is simmered with coconut, tamarind and spices, and spiked with jaggery and hing, curry leaves and mustard is a must-try.

Also, there’s much to offer to the connoisseurs of North Indian or South Indian food too. In short, the place has something to suit every taste.

The bewitching restaurant settings make the culinary experience even more delightful here. It’s a treat to watch the sunset over the Kabini river while you enjoy a glass of wine at Honey Comb. Overlooking the river is the Kuruba Grill specialty restaurant that displays a whole array of luscious barbeques and grills. With candle lights, intimate settings, personalized service, lavish five-course menus with live cooking, you couldn’t possibly ask for a more amorous evening to celebrate love with your partner. From intimate riverside dining to an enchanting boat dining experience, Kabini Orange County only turns your romantic merriment more flavorsome.

Here’s your chance to get in touch with a side of nature that is both different and awe-inspiring. Experience nature at its pristine best and enjoy a holiday laced with green goodness at Orange County Kabini.

Photos: Shilpi Shukla & Orange County, Kabini


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