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Craving for yummy Italian? Come to Osteria Mozza

Thanks to Joe Bastianich, Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali who have given Los Angeles a great restaurant – Osteria Mozza.

Osteria Mozza is the place where sophistication and a lively environment come together. The menu has Batali’s exploration around Italy and Nancy’s fabulous work with fresh cheese of all kinds including mozzarella.

Joseph Bastianich is a popular television personality. He has judged MasterChef (junior and senior) and also MasterChef Italia. One of his two award-winning books (co-authored), “Restaurant Man”, has also been a New York Times Best Seller.

The Menu

There is a lot of terrific food that surfaces on the menu of Osteria Mozza. You have the amaro bar and the mozzarella bar. It is an amazing sight as the Chefs plate up the excellent cheese dishes. Some very popular mozzarella cheese dishes served at Osteria are the Burrata with Bacon and Raddichio. But a cheese dish that truly stands out is the Grilled Octopus. The flavors of Goat Cheese Ravioli will want you to come back to Osteria again.

The pastas served are regular size portions and taste truly excellent. The special handmade pastas of Chef Matt Molina are just fabulous. The cuisines that you just can’t miss are the two pastas with the ravioli of egg & ricotta. No matter what you order, do try out the caramelized onions -they just can’t get better than this. For salads butter-leaf lettuce is one great choice.

If you are looking for something more than just the pastas then squid ink chitarra “Freddi” with Dungeness crab is a great dish. There is also the sea urchinjalapeñofrancobolli di brasato with crushed duck liver and black truffle which might delight your taste buds. The salami served at Osteria is amazing & the prosciutto wrapped breadstick with truffle butter was splendid. The butter can, of course, be excluded if you want.

Two of the most satisfying deserts served here are the bombolini and the torta di nonna. There are some great cakes, ice cream and gelato made with olive oil.


As far as the service goes there are no pretentions. You cannot expect them to spend thirty minutes just with you explaining every dish in detail. But they will serve you well. They will ask you when you would like the meal to be served or at what point of time you would like your wine to be opened. But there is nothing too fancy going on. You might need to raise your voice a bit due to all the action going on in the compact space. But once the gnocchi with duck ragu is served, you might forget everything else.


Osteria is the best place if you are looking for some really good cocktails and wines. It has a superb selection of all-Italian wines which mainly focuse on Friuli, Piedmont, and Tuscany.


With a spot on flavor and presentation, Osteria’s dishes are the closest that one can get with authentic Italian cuisine.  Everything, in each of the dishes, just blends deliciously.

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