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Wholesome fare in Singkong’s snare

Conceptualized by Chef Vikas Seth, Singkong celebrates the combination of PAN Asian cuisine. Dishes revolve around simple ingredients that shine through giving you value for your money.


When you walk into a restaurant, the sole reason you are there is because of its ‘Almighty Menu’—the one defining factor of a restaurant’s fame and success. A menu speaks volumes about the restaurant and its offerings. Singkong is no exception—a clearly presented menu with defined offerings.

The restaurant has gone beyond than just a menu to make shine a part of its specialty—the divine dim sums. Appearing under entrées, dim sums have been revolutionized with a contemporary twist to the classical dish. A dim sum festival was organized by the restaurant to showcase this innovation. The festival focused on ten simple varieties, a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian, with careful minute construction.

The world is an oyster wrapped in a sesame seed…

Located in the classic UB City in Bangalore, Singkong is a houseful restaurant on a breezy Sunday afternoon. Oyster sauce and sesame seeds are the highlight in the dishes served among many others. The subtle yet sweet taste of the oyster sauce combines perfectly well with the toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on the moist dim sums.

Apart from dim sums, the restaurant offers some yummy appetizers to complement your cocktail or mocktail. Exotic dishes such as Wasabi Prawns, Thai Steamed Basa, Pak Choy Wrapped Ginger Lamb and Pandan Leaf Wrapped Spiced Cottage Cheese pan across Hong Kong, Singaporean, Thai and Indonesian cuisines. Made from ingredients exclusively native to the PAN Asian cuisine, these are treated with respect and shines through the dishes. Mains also include a large variety with proteins such as pork, lamb, poultry (chicken & duck) and seafood.

The Ticker

You must be wondering what makes Singkong tick among the ‘Indian’ foodies. It is the incorporation of a PAN Asian cuisine with the Indian food. The use of Indian ingredients is also prominent such as Cottage Cheese (Paneer), Basmati Rice and of course exclusive Indian Spices(Chilli, Coriander). Serving dishes to the natives, imbibing their origin with that of other cultures creates a special experience.

Silence of the atmosphere, lets the food talk

The ambience at Sing Kong makes you feel sane. After a tiring week in the slogging world, it feels like you have suddenly found enlightenment. In other words, the restaurant pampers you. As you walk in the staff welcomes you, escorts you to your seat, and hold your chair out. There is this amazing silence in the wind that breezes through the semi-outdoor restaurant, which allows the food to talk and soothe your soul.

Why should you pay a visit to Singkong?

Of the many reasons that I can think off, here are a few: Ambience, Hospitality, Timely Service, Freshness of the Food, and Value for your Money.

My verdict:

On Ruby’s Foodometer, Singkong scores a 4/5.

On Ruby’s Restometer, Singkong fares with a 4.5/5.


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