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Pizza Express: The fine dining restaurant opens in the Capital

The next time you are looking for a pizza indulgence, you should definitely head to Pizza Express. A true Italian fine dining adventure and experience awaits you.

The Italian staple has been flying off the shelf across the world. Indian taste buds to have welcomed the cuisine with wide open arms. No wonder there’s a dearth of authentic Italian restaurants in India. And what we mostly get is a mild fusion of Indian with everything Italian. It’s nothing wrong to say that pizzas and pasta are very common all over the world but the best ones still exist in Italy. We won’t end all this on a sad note! Pizza Express is, in all ways, a good news for all the Italian food aficionados.


Fine dining is the word
One of the world’s best pizza restaurant, Pizza Express has opened its branch in our very own capital Delhi NCR. Unlike what the name suggests, Pizza Express is no quick service restaurant, it is nothing less than fine dining. The attention to detail in the décor is remarkable. Each and every aspect has been delved into. This is derived from their tradition of every restaurant sporting a different style. The Delhi outlet comes in white and black, which is in sync with the outfits of the chef. The restaurants also reflect the locality they represent, so not surprising that their walls display blue pottery plates of Jaipur with a hint of Persian designs. One wall is specially dedicated to artistically showcase Delhi. You also have the luxury of dining on the terrace. The view from the terrace is breathtakingly grand. After all, you don’t often get to wine and dine on a terrace with the Qutab Minar in the backdrop.


Live kitchen

Long before you take into the extravagance of the place, your eyes would dart to the live kitchen unfolding in front of you. The interactive kitchen lets you see the pizzaiolos toss the dough and make your pizzas. Every Pizzaiolo here has been through the rigorous training of 12 weeks. This equips them in flaring the dough along and making your perfect pizza. Their thin crust pizza gets amazingly thin thereby letting you explore the flavour of the simple, fresh ingredients. The Italians love the flavours of their ingredients standing out. The hospitality of the staff is way beyond comparison.

When they say authentic Italian pizza, they definitely mean it! The live kitchen itself is a substantial proof for the fresh ingredients they use. The sauce used for pizzas is specially sourced from a tomato farmer in Italy- The Greci Family.


What to look out for
Dough balls Dopio are one of their best appetizers. With three dipping – garlic butter, basil pesto & dried tomato these dough balls practically melt in your mouth. The meat balls with the tomato sauce gives a balanced flavour without the overpowering acidity. The bell pepper stuffed with a combination of goat cheese, mozzarella drizzled with balsamic vinegar, and served on a bed of argula leaves, makes Ramiro Al Forno a great starter. The perfectly grilled pepper in Ramiro Al Forno leaves you speechless. The Padana, Pomodoro, Calabrese, Giardiniera are few of the varities of Pizza they offer. If you try these, pretty sure you would come back for more.

The Apollo Pizza is to satiate the inner desi pizza lover in you. This is created exclusively for the spice lovers, with chunks of tandoori chicken, green chillies, and yellow peppers. Calabrese is the hottest pizza on the menu. In a very good way, each bite of this hottie gives you a stinging spicy jolt. The pizzas can be upgraded to the next level with the toppings Pizza Express offer. You can choose from char grilled veggies, eggs, sweet peppadew and many more interesting ones.

The desserts leave you mouthwatering for more. The cheesecake is perfect. It is just the right sweet, soft & creamy. Pizza Express don’t restrict themselves to pizzas, they also delve into pastas, desserts, nice starters and salads.


The origin of Pizza Express
The history of Pizza Express is an intriguing one. It was founded by Peter Boizot in 1965. After a trip to Italy, Boizot was so impressed with the pizza that he bought a pizza oven from Naples and a chef from Sicily. Pizza Express is the first one to bring Pizza to the high end streets of London. Today it operates in over 400 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 40 overseas in Europe, Pakistan, Hong Kong, India and the Middle East.

The success of Pizza Express is in maintaining its quality in every place they go. When they assure you authentic pizza they provide you the same. If we were to compare the Delhi branch with the London outlets, the ambiance would be the same. It is pleasant and inviting with a comfortable setting. The only difference would be that the London counterparts offer more on the menu. We believe they would soon add more of London flavour for the Indians. The pizza standards are no doubt up to the standard, with taste testers arriving from London to assure you quality. They offer you something new and unique in the casual dining sector on the lines of Italian restaurant space.

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