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Celebrate Christmas @ Monkey Bar

Dipped in eccentric, entertaining and curious flavors from Anglo Indian cuisines of the era goneby, it’s a must to visit Monkey Bar while it celebrates Hobson Jobson, this Christmas! A review by Team PioneerChef. 

Monkey Bar is serving a host of Anglo-Indian specialities to revel in the festive fervor. Drop in to savor luscious panthras, jalfrezi, kedgeree, plum cake, and many more awesome Anglo Indian grubs with a unique Monkey Twist. The fest that continues till December 25, 2014 for lunch or dinner (from 12 noon to 11:45 pm)is a unique tribute to the flavors of the good old times.

Hobson Jobson, that the dictionary of colloquial Anglo Indian words, defines as the Anglo -Indian Christmas Specials, is credited with giving to the world special chappatty, choola, curry and tiffin.
Here’s our review of the menu at this fun fest:
To start with…
The menu starts with Panthras. While the non-vegetarian crepes are stuffed with aromatic lamb mince, their vegetarian counterparts are filled with shredded peppers, mushrooms and carrots in spiced tomato chutney. While we loved the subtle spices, panthras are a bit too oily.

Chickpea and Smoked Fish Salad is light and refreshing! The iceberg lettuce tastefully paired with smashed chickpeas, roasted cherry tomatoes and chunks of smoked betki with a drizzle of mustard and lime – this salad is quite a start to a Hobson Jobson meal.

We loved Mobar Gymkhana Sandwich! You are sure to go all gaga over this buttered bread layered with chicken ham, bacon, fried tomato, masala omelette. Served with crispy potato wedges, yum coleslaw and tangy chutney, this one’s a treat!

We couldn’t have Bubble and Squeak for there was only so much that we could have. However, we  think that these soft potato cutlets stuffed with cabbage foogath and pan seared, with an interesting option of a poached egg topping does sound interesting. Sardine toast are grilled baguette slices topped with fried sardines and tomato chutney doesn’t essentially need an occasion. Pamper yourself with this crunchy toast any day.

You can’t miss Chingree Samosas for the love of samosas! Flaky puff pastry stuffed with prawn balchao and fried brown onions – served with mango chutney – is sure to make for your favorite chai-samosa gossip session.

Love chicken? Then you should love Chicken Souffle. Luscious chicken cakes on brioche muffins with cheddar mornay and egg salad tastes different yet palatable. Plus, the nutty crunch adds brownie points to the appetizer. Pui Saag and Cheese Souffle is for everyone who loves cheese and cheese sauce, and doesn’t mind spinach (at least once in a while). Laced with Malabar spinach, this cheese custard baked and served with toast wedges and tomato chutney are quite balanced on flavors.

As we progress…

Coriander and green chili marinated green masala chops (mutton chops) served with parantha is good to taste. We didn’t order jalfrezi, there were quite a few guests ordering these chili marinated lamb tossed with baby potato, onion, green chilies, and aromatics. These are served with paranthas. Beer battered betki with wedges and tartar sauce – this fish & chips – are about to become your favorite. You bet!

Next comes dak bungalow murghi roast, that’s tastefully pan roasted marinated chicken skewers in lemon yogurt spice. Served with saffron and coconut pilaf, roasted baby potatoes and baked tomato stuffed with mushy peas, this one makes for a wholesome meal. You will love the chicken chunks.

There’s also on offer butter chicken khichdi that we didn’t offer as we were quite spoilt for choice by then. This one’s a regularly creamy moong dal khichdi with succulent butter chicken stylishly folded in. Served with ghee, papad, dahi, salad, and achaar, this dish tastes like deja vu. Hot Pot is a wholesome brown stew with cauliflower, carrots, beans, potato and pearl onions served with coriander droppies. Everything’s just perfect about this one.

Pork Vindaloo (there’s also an option of prawn variation) is as hot, spicy and mouth-watering as is expected of this Goan dish. Made with a classic Monkey twist, this one tastes amazing when served with rice.

All that ends well

Desserts, however, are a disappointment. While the plum cake with vanilla sauce tastes way too sweet, Flagstaff house chocolate eclairs was overburnt. Also, on offer is strawberry and almond tart that we didn’t taste. Ideal to give your specifications before you place the order for any desserts, @Hobson Jobson. 

Heres to Hobson Jobs

Cocktails are all nice at the fest. While our favorite was Cinopple (Whisky, fresh apple, cinnamon sticks, lemon) made with green apple. Other concoctions in the bar menu are quite tropical and classic too. On offer are pink gin (Gin, Angostura bitters, lime cordial, earl grey), to Oddennino’s Hot Punch (Dark rum, brandy, gin, lemon, sugar and sugar cane juice), and The Royal Bombay Yacht Club East India cocktail Brandy, Gin, pineapple, cherry, orange, bitters and a twist of lime.

There’s an entire platter of flavorsome surprises awaiting you at Hobson-Jobson. Drop in to experience the gone by Anglo Indian era. You’d love it!


Monkey Bar, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Monkey Bar, Wood Street, Bangalore


– Dec 11-Dec 25, 2014 for lunch or dinner (from 12 noon to 11:45 pm) at Monkey Bar, Connaught Place, New Delhi

– Dec 1-Dec 30, 2014 for lunch and dinner from Sunday to Thursdays (12 noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to 11:00 pm) at Monkey Bar, Wood Street, Bangalore

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