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Intersection of Mexico & China at Loco Chino

Relish on the explosion of refreshing flavors at Loco Chino and experience heaven on Earth. Located on the Carter Road, in Bandra, Mumbai, this is a cute and small place with a few tables and a precise menu.

LocoAs far as its name is concerned, the word ‘loco’ is a Spanish word for ‘crazy’, which makes it necessary for the youngsters to pay one visit out here.

What catches the eye, first!!

Though we visit a restaurant for its food, but it comes later on. The very first thing that catches the eye, the moment we enter, is its ambience. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, with graffiti on one of the walls; others adorned with the cutouts of Chinese and Mexican people with mirrors in place of the faces for the selfie crazed people. Overhead lanterns are actually bamboo steamers which give the place a fresh look. All these were its good points, but it has bad points as well which is not a big issue, but it would be better for the restaurant to work on them and give an overall good service. It has an urgent need to renew its menu cards which are worn out and also do not contain images of certain dishes like enchilada, burrito and taco which need to be distinguished. It must undergo pest control as soon as possible due to the presence of house flies and mosquitoes.Loco-Chino

High on flavors

It has a basic and precise menu, which consists of Chinese and Mexican food largely, with a few mocktails which are a great pair with both Chinese and Mexican dishes that the restaurant serves. Starting with the Mexican dishes, the appetizers include chicken nachos, which is a hit dish with a reasonable serving size. Although the topping is a bit heavy but goes well with the nachos. Coming to Chinese appetizers, is this dish called Thai sambal cottage cheese dim sum has a mind-boggling taste which keeps on lingering on the tongue for a very long time. I bet you would not have had these tasty dim sums in your lifetime. But the only bad point about this is the steep price it has. But nonetheless, do try it at all costs and you would crave for more. The main-course dishes in both the two cuisines are wholesome and apt for a person looking for a quick and filling bite. And considering the prices, they are appropriately charged.


Ever-smiling faces of the staff and a quick service are an essential component of dining. The people at Loco Chino know it very well and thus, provide the same to their customers.

If you ever happen to be in Mumbai, you know the right place to dig in and dine, Loco Chino. It is worth a visit when you are out for a leisurely evening stroll.

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