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Restaurant Review: Cosme in the Flatiron District

Cosme in the Flatiron District, the Enrique Olvera’s masterpiece, is a fine example of a perfect restaurant that just not promises to curb one’s hunger but renders a subtly balanced combination of food, ambiance and environment.

Unlike his other restaurant Pujol, which in fact is on the list of Best 50 Restaurants, Cosme is catering to the trending styles of food habits of New Yorkers.

The food it serves

Cosme primarily serves Mexican cuisine food inspired by the Enrique’s deep insights and his sheer brilliance as a chef. Cosme has a capacity of holding 140 guests at a time with three major spacing areas, namely- Main area for dining, a separate dispersed area for accommodating the bar and a specialized private dining area. The primary magnet for customers is the delicious and the meticulously prepared food by Enrique and his team. Interestingly, Cosme’s menu doesn’t have many different dishes, just a mere 19, but the effort with which the dishes are prepared and the precision with which the food is presented, makes up for the lack of variety in the menu.

What goes along with the “out of this world” food is the Cosme’s substantial seating area. Unlike other Bar Zone Restaurants, Cosme allows the customer to have a perfectly complete experience in terms of spacious seating arrangement and the delicacy in the area’s lighting. Cosme’s interiors have been designed by one of the renowned designers which redefine ambiance in this restaurant. Cosme isn’t too crowded or too empty, neither too loud nor a dead beat, it has this comfortable hum in its entire arena that is soothing for the entire dining experience.

What one should look for?

While ordering though, there is one thing; the menu doesn’t really give you a hand in selecting the dishes if you have company along with you. Servers suggest sharing three dishes altogether between you and your company. But you are going to have to pay for this experience, with a three people dining total might just go past 300$, wine and desert included. Yes, Cosme is expensive but when it comes to the food and the overall experience of eating there, I would say it is worth it. Mr. Olvera has this belief to have sufficient amount of food in each dish, so if you are going out there to share a meal with someone, believe me, you won’t be coming back with even a slightest hint of hunger.

The unique capability of Enrique Olvera and his team to make every dish seem like something new and not a usual “tonight’s dinner” is something very rare. Every dish seems a treat to the taste buds without any of it being forced in any manner. This is where Manhattan gets a fine finish to its legacy and the people who come and eat here are never disheartened, rather, as soon as they leave, their taste buds make them keep yearning to come back. This is Cosme for you, a complete and subtle dining experience.

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