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Restaurant Review: Harry’s Bar And Café

Sometimes small ideas and ventures turn out to be blockbuster hits and go a long way. One such hit is Harry’s pub and café. Started by Jim Gelpi, an oil man back in 1992, Harrys went on to be the largest chain of bars in Singapore.

But they didn’t just settle in Singapore.  Harrys has become a famous brand all over the world. Now with three branches in Bangalore alone, Harrys have won the hearts of many.

We do see a lot of bars with various trends but what makes Harry’s special is, it is grounded to the strong bar culture. While eateries and bars are busy trying to adapt to new styles and cultures, Harry’s have maintained the original bar culture.


Harry’s boast a pleasant ambience. They play a good deal of music from the 90s. The music then drifts to EDM and pop tunes. The brick walls are left bare. To complement them comes the seating styles. There is a long bar with saloon style seating. There is a whistle too. For the counters, they have comfortable stools. Not too big, not too small. You can snug fit into the counter and rest your elbows on the counter. This seating, I believe, allows for a comfortable position for a drink and a chat. Behind the counter, you would find an array of back-lit bottles that spoils you for choice. There is a pool table to let out office stress and have some good time with friends. Harry’s love sports and they make an effort for the sports lovers to down their drinks with their favourite matches playing along.


The bar has a good stock of tap and bottled beers. The renowned mixologist, India’s favourite Shatbhi Basu have some cocktails made exclusively for Harry’s. The wide list of cocktails not only please the alcohol lovers but there are enough variety for the teetotalers. Harry’s Old fashioned, Green Lantern, Dirty Harry, Eye Candy are some of their specials. Oh not to miss the profound classic – the Singapore Sling.

Harry’s is a bar cum café. They give due importance to their food. The menu itself is a creation of the famed chef Vicky Ratnani. The menu boasts of international selection foods like Pattaya Beach Fish Goujons, Moroccan Rubbed Cottage Cheese and Singapore Chicken. The Harry’s Jazz Burger comes all the way from Singapore. You can get the classic dish of Chicken Schnitzel spiced according to your preferences and at Harry’s they come crisp with a well- crumbed coating.

From refilling your glasses at the right time to help you choose your dishes, the people at Harry’s are always there to help. The prestigious ‘Singapore Promising Brand Award’ was bestowed on the house for their superlative customer service, affordable pricing, accessibility and appeal. So if you are in the mood for some hard core bar culture that goes back to its roots, get to Harry’s. the food and the drinks will complete your experience.

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