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Have you tried these quick Idli batter recipes?

Idli and Dosa might originally be south Indian recipes but in reality, they are now a staple breakfast item for many household across India. However, the only problem one faces is the difficulty in making the batter and if the batter is not correct, then the idlis will just not turn out right. This is why, thankfully, now one can buy idli dosa batter online Mumbai and use it to make a variety of recipes apart from the traditional recipes.

  1. Kaima Idli: Just in case you have some leftover Idli and you do not know what to do with them, make this wonderful variation as a snack. Add some jeera or mustard in some hot oil for the tempering, and add some vegetables like beans and onions for taste. Then chop up the idlis into small pieces and then add them to the vegetables and let them fry altogether. The idlis would become crisp and you would have a nice and filling meal without wasting any food.
  2. Stuffed Idli: In case you are bored of having your regular idli and find it to be a bit bland, then try the delicious stuffed variation. In this case you need to mix the batter a bit thicker than you normally do for the batter to hold around the vegetables. Make a filling with all the vegetables of your choice and sauté them first with spices like coriander powder and cumin powder. Then, slowly make a flat ball of the veggies and dip it in the batter to give them a coating. Or you could simply pour half the batter in the idli mould, put your veggies inside and then cover it up with the rest of the batter. Steam as usual for mouthwatering stuffed idli.
  3. Cocktail Idli: If you are a vegetarian and you are looking for a new finger food then this is for you. Steam the idlis in smaller moulds than you usually do and then prick them together in bunches in the kebab sticks for the lovely accompaniment to cocktails. Try to make a mix of the ingredients that you usually use to make the sambhar and use it as a dip. Coat the idlis in spices of your choice and let the guests dip the idlis in the sambhar flavored dip for a most unique experience.
  4. Chocolate Idli: Everybody loves chocolate and chocolate idlis are a great hit in parties today. Children love them and it is also a good way of making deserts at home. All you have to do is mix some chocolate powder or chocolate sauce with the idli batter and then steam it as usual. The idlis will really puff up and you can also include choco chips in the batter for every chocolaty bite.

So, order idli dosa batter online Mumbai today and surprise your family and friends with the out of way recipes that is going to provide you with a great alternative to everyday food. At StarQuik – one can also buy online dairy, bakery & eggs products at best online rates. Also, get Free Home delivery if you happen to stay within 7-10 kms of Andheri and Thane.


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