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Eating Fish for a healthy heart

One of the reasons why people living along the coast seldom complain of heart problems is because they always have a lot of fish included in their diet. One can buy fish online in Mumbai as well if they want to include fish in their diet.

Research has shown that eating even one or two servings of fish a week could reduce the risk of heart attack to a considerable degree. This is because fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and this has been proven a good ingredient for the heart. These are nothing but the unsaturated fats in fish and there are also a number of other nutrients like many Vitamins B and B1, along with protein. The combined effect of these nutrients keeps the entire body healthy and especially the cardiovascular muscles in great shape. Some people have shown concern that since fish also contains mercury, which is especially greater in fish that have come from the sea, it might not be a good idea to consume so much fish. Buying fresh fish online in Mumbai is now made easier with the presence of premium online stores.

However, the contaminants are negligible and a good alternative is to opt for freshwater fish as well. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish reduce inflammation and such internal inflammations inside the body can cause blood vessels to rupture and can also cause a stroke or result in non- curable heart diseases. The Omega 3 fatty acids also help in decreasing triglycerides and that helps in lowering blood pressure. It also prevents clotting of blood inside the brain that is often the result of heart blockages. Hence, the risk of sudden cardiac arrests can be averted to a considerable extent in this regard. It does not really matter what kind of fish one is eating but the fatty fish contain more Omega 3. One can get access to the best quality fish online in Mumbai if they want to make some tasty fish dishes.

Also, a lot depends on how a fish is cooked. It is alight to deep fry the fish once in a while to indulge your taste buds but by and large, the fish should be broiled or grilled rather than deep fried if one wants to enjoy its full benefits. At times fish produced on farms are often exposed to growth enhancers and so some say to steer clear of such fishes so it is a better idea to catch and eat fish found in the streams and estuaries. This is one more reason to go fishing! Another reason for consuming fish is that certain oils in the fish have also been proven to show increased brain activity. A pregnant woman should, of course, consult their dietician about what they eat but it has been seen that the fish oil is also beneficial to the baby when consumed in limited amounts. So buy fish online in Thane Andheri today to increase your fish intake and keep your heart in good shape.
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